Lab Members
Marisa Stachowski, M.S. 
Graduate Student
Marisa received her Bachelors in Biology and Environmental Science from St. Olaf College and her Master of Science from Southeastern Louisiana University. She joined the Kirk lab in August of 2015 as the lab manager, and has since started graduate school at Loyola.

Edith Perez, M.S.
Research Assistant
Edith received her B.S. in Biology and Forensic Science from Loyola and her M.S. in Forensic Science from University of Illinois at Chicago.
She joined the lab in March 2017.
Mary Papadaki, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
Mary received her PhD with Dr. Steve Marston at Imperial College London and joined the Kirk lab in December of 2015. She works on understanding how post-translational modifications (PTMs) alter myofilament function in health and disease. 

Lizhuo Ai
Graduate Student
Lizhuo (or Liz) obtained her B.S. in Biology from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi 
and joined the IBPS graduate program at Loyola in 2016 and the Kirk lab in 2017.